Moot Ditty - The Hustler

Moot Ditty - The Hustler

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Moot Ditty is a hip-hop/rap artist from Pittsburg, California. His debut studio album, "The Hustler" was released in 1999 by Bay Rider Entertainment. The album features guest appearances by Fidel Castro, Mr. Sandman, Taydatay (11/5), Spice 1, Black C (RBL Posse), Sean T, Gelo, Varro, Ali, D-Dre, Young Rum, L. Major and others.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1999

Record Label: Bay Rider Entertainment

Executive Producer: Kelvin Bloodsaw

Produced By: G-Man Stan, Moot Ditty, Rob Lowe, Sean T

Style: Gangsta

City: Pittsburg

State: California

Area Code: 925


1 Moot Ditty The Hustler
Produced By: Moot Ditty
2 Moot Ditty Slang Big Dope
Produced By: Sean T
3 Moot Ditty Play The Game
Produced By: Sean T
4 Moot Ditty I'm A Player
Produced By: Rob Lowe
5 Moot Ditty Proper Piece
Produced By: Sean T
6 Moot Ditty Hoez Ain't Shit
Produced By: Sean T
7 Moot Ditty Bout Stackin'
Produced By: Moot Ditty
8 Moot Ditty Plead Your Case
Produced By: Sean T
9 Moot Ditty Handlin' My Function
Produced By: Moot Ditty
10 Moot Ditty Lay It Down
Produced By: Sean T
11 Moot Ditty Big As My Pimpin'
Produced By: Moot Ditty
12 Moot Ditty Gotta Get It
Produced By: Sean T
13 Moot Ditty Funkaholic
Produced By: Sean T
14 Moot Ditty Thug Thang
Produced By: G-Man Stan
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