Mista Madd - The pH-Factor

Madd Hatta Introducing Mista Madd | The pH-Factor | 1997 | Houston | CD Album

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Madd Hatta (aka Mista Madd) is a rap artist from Houston, Texas, and owner of Paid In Full Entertainment. His third album, "The pH-Factor" was released in 1997 by Paid In Full Entertainment and executive produced by Crazy C and Mista Madd.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Paid In Full Entertainment

Executive Producer: Crazy C, Mista Madd

Produced By: Bishop "Stick" Burrell, Crazy C, DJ DMD, Def Jam Blaster, Mike B., Mista Madd

Style: Gangsta

City: Houston

State: Texas

Area Code: 713


1 Mista Madd Intro
Produced By: Bishop "Stick" Burrell
2 Mista Madd, C-Note Of The Botany Boys, Grimm Of The Most Hated, Ikeman Swangin'
Produced By: Crazy C
3 Mista Madd The pH Factor
Produced By: Crazy C
4 Mista Madd Southern Style
Produced By: Mike B.
5 Mista Madd, D Of Trinity Garden Cartel C-R-E-E-P
Produced By: DJ DMD
6 Mista Madd Pepe's Call
Produced By: Mista Madd
7 Mista Madd 4 All The Ladies
Produced By: Mista Madd
8 Mista Madd The World Is Killing Me
Produced By: Crazy C
9 Mista Madd, Big Mello, Fat Pat, Lil Keke Can I Get A Lil' Luv
Produced By: Crazy C, Def Jam Blaster, Mista Madd
10 Carla B., Courtney Lipscomb, J-Mac, Josh Ballou On Da Creep Skit
Produced By: Mista Madd
11 Mista Madd Only One
Produced By: Crazy C
12 Mista Madd Say What'cha Wanna Say
Produced By: Crazy C
13 Mista Madd, Willie D Step Into My Hood
Produced By: Crazy C
14 Mista Madd I'm A Dreamer
Produced By: Mike B.
15 Mista Madd, Big Mello, Fat Pat, Lil Keke Give Me Sum Luv Remix
Produced By: Crazy C
16 Mista Madd Only One (Bopper Mix)
Produced By: Crazy C
17 Mista Madd The pH Factor (Late Nite Mix)
Produced By: Crazy C
18 Mista Madd New World Order
19 Mista Madd It's Coming
Produced By: Crazy C
20 Mista Madd Outro
Produced By: Bishop "Stick" Burrell
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