• Menace To Society - Life Of A Real One

Menace To Society - Life Of A Real One

Menace To Society - Life Of A Real One

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Menace To Society was a hip-hop/rap group from Inkster, Michigan. Their debut studio album, "Life Of A Real One" was released in 1993 by CUSH Records.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1993

Record Label: CUSH Records, Inc.

Distributed By: Ichiban Records, Inc.

Style: Conscious

City: Inkster

State: Michigan

Area Code: 313


1Menace To SocietyRed Alert
2Menace To SocietyIt's My Thang
3Menace To SocietySituation Critical
4Menace To SocietyIt's Constitutional
5Menace To SocietyRaid
6Menace To SocietyA Minute For You
7Menace To SocietyCourtcase
8Menace To SocietyWhat's On My Mind
9Menace To SocietyStreets Of Hell
10Menace To SocietyDepressive
11Menace To SocietyMenace Niggaz
12Menace To SocietyI'm Scared
13Menace To SocietyJames
14Menace To SocietyLife Of A Real One
15Menace To SocietyNo Slowin' Down
16Menace To SocietyI Escaped
17Menace To SocietySuspense
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