• Loon-E-Toon And DJ Mike Tee | Inglewoodz Finast | 1993 | Inglewood | CD Album

Loon-E-Toon And DJ Mike Tee - Inglewoodz Finast

Loon-E-Toon And DJ Mike Tee | Inglewoodz Finast | 1993 | Inglewood | CD Album

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Inglewoodz Finast is the debut album by the rapper Loon-E-Toon from Inglewood, California. The album was released in 1993 by Power Move Records and produced by DJ Mike Tee. He started his career as a professional DJ in the late 80's working with the underground rapper Quicksand. Soon afterwards, Mike T became acquainted with MC Eiht & CMW (Comptons Most Wanted) after Quicksand and CMW both appeared on the Compton Compilation Sound Control Mob album. Although Comptons Most Wanted already had a DJ (Ant Capone), he was later fired and DJ Mike Tee was asked to be the group's replacement.

Mike T laid down cuts and scratches over the group's first three albums, the MC Eiht solo releases, and hooked up with various underground west coast hip-hop groups as a DJ. Aside from his turntable trickery, DJ Mike Tee also programmed and produced many of the classic CMW beats alongside DJ Slip. Today Mike is still busy DJing at local venues in Los Angeles.

Format:  Digital Download MP3

Released: 1993

Record Label: Power Move Records

Produced By: DJ Mike Tee

Style: Gangsta, Funk

City: Inglewood

State: California

Area Code: 310


1 Intro This N***as Crazy 00:59
Produced By: Loon-E-Toon
2 Loon-E-Toon Everybody Duck 02:41
Produced By: Loon-E-Toon, Mike T
3 Loon-E-Toon Inglewoodz Finast (Original Street Mix) 04:46
Produced By: Mike T, DJ Trayski
4 Loon-E-Toon Tales From The Westside 03:37
Produced By: Loon-E-Toon, DJ Trayski
5 Interlude Ride Cakes (Skit) 00:21
6 Loon-E-Toon Tha Prairie Dogz 01:37
Produced By: DJ Bagdad
7 Loon-E-Toon Tha Good Ole Dayz 05:01
Produced By: Mike T
8 Interlude No One Can Do It Better (Statement) 00:28
9 Loon-E-Toon, Rude Awakening Catch A Contact 04:30
Produced By: Mike T
10 Loon-E-Toon Inglewoodz Finast (Smooth Mix) 04:51
Produced By: Mike T
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