• Lil Rascal | Like A Grown As Man | 1995 | Houston | CD Album

Lil Rascal - Like A Grown As Man

Lil Rascal | Like A Grown As Man | 1995 | Houston | CD Album

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Lil Rascal was a gangsta rap artist from the infamous 5th Ward of Houston, Texas, and member of the group Criminal Elament. His debut album, "Like A Grown As Man" was released in 1995 by Dead Game Records and was produced by Knee-Hi-Music. The album art was done by Pen & Pixel Graphics.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Dead Game Records

Produced By: Knee-Hi-Music

Style: Gangsta

Hood: 5th Ward

City: Houston

State: Texas

Area Code: 713


1 Lil Rascal Life And Death
2 Lil Rascal One A Day
3 Lil Rascal Reality Break
4 Lil Rascal, June Bugg, Wicked Deadgame Badboys
5 Lil Rascal Let Her Ride
6 Lil Rаsсаl, Ice Water Slaughter Show-N-Luv
7 Interlude Mi Way
8 Lil Rascal Liquor Sto
9 Lil Rаsсаl 95 Cowboy
10 Lil Rаsсаl Gettin' Paid
11 Lil Rаsсаl Smokin Out
12 Lil Rаsсаl, Criminal Elament, Trigga You Gone Ride
13 Lil Rаsсаl Set Fo Life
14 Lil Rаsсаl G-N-Me
15 Lil Rаsсаl, Blackdocious, Wicked, W.G. Respect Da Dead
16 Lil Rаsсаl Thank God
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