Laze A.K.A. The Big Dog - Fo Real

Laze A.K.A. The Big Dog - Fo Real

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Laze is a gangsta rap artist who is originally from Jackson, Mississippi but moved to Pittsburg, California. His debut album, "Fo Real" was released in 1998 by Bay Rider Entertainment and featured appearances by rappers Felony, Fidel Castro, Levitti, Monet, Mr. Sandman, and Taydatay (of 11/5).

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1998

Record Label: Bay Rider Entertainment

Distributed By: Ground Level Distribution

Executive Producers: KB & Brandon C Rodegeb

Style: Gangsta

City: Pittsburg

State: California

Area Code: 925


1 Laze Don't Speak
2 Laze Handle That
3 Laze Pimp Material
4 Laze, Levitti, Rob Low The Hook Up
5 Laze, Rob Low, The Ghetto Starz Turn Shit Out
6 Laze, Monet Stay Otta Mine
7 Laze, Taydatay, Mr. Sandman, Fidel Castro The Bomb
8 Laze, Monet Ride Wit Me
9 Laze, Mista Grimm South To West
10 Laze All I Wanna Do
11 Laze, Monet Thick And Thin
12 Laze, M.G., Tight Lex How Many Ways?
13 Laze, Felony, Al Low Chopping Game
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