• Kola | Fluidly I Approach | 1997 | Long Beach | CD Album

Kola - Fluidly I Approach

Kola | Fluidly I Approach | 1997 | Long Beach | CD Album

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Kola "The Lyrical Soda" is a female gangsta rap artist from Long Beach, California, and member of Doggy's Angels. Her debut album, "Fluidly I Approach" was released in 1997 by Low Life Records and featured Swoop G, Hit From The LBC, Beefe Locc, Ephriam Galloway and Rochel. The album artwork was designed by Phunky Phat Graph-X.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Low Life Records

Executive Producer: "Low Life", Shane L. Byers

Produced By: Ant Banks, Kola, Lev Burlak, Moe Z.M.D., Race, Reg, T.C.

Style: Gangsta

City: Long Beach

State: California

Area Code: 562


1 Kola The Lyrical Soda (Intro)
Produced By: Lev Burlak
2 Kola, Beefe Locc Night Rider
Produced By: Kola, Moe Z.M.D.
3 Kola, Ephriam Galloway Time 4 Sum Changes
Produced By: Lev Burlak
4 Kola Gettin' Kinda Hectic
Produced By: Race, Reg, T.C.
5 Kola You Can't See Me
Produced By: Lev Burlak
6 Kola Smokin' (Insert)
Produced By: Moe Z.M.D.
7 Kola To Da Face
Produced By: Moe Z.M.D.
8 Kola Ghetto Facts
Produced By: Lev Burlak
9 Kola Dedication (Insert)
Produced By: Lev Burlak
10 Kola, Rochel Gotta Have You
Produced By: Kola, Moe Z.M.D.
11 Kola Just Ridin'
Produced By: Reggie Smith
12 Kola My Neighborhood (Insert)
Produced By: Moe Z.M.D.
13 Kola Hold Your Fire
Produced By: Moe Z.M.D.
14 Kola Lyrical Overdose
Produced By: Kola, Moe Z.M.D.
15 Kola, Ephriam Galloway Your O.G.
Produced By: Lev Burlak
16 Jason Moss, Lev Burlak Bustin' The Bosses (Insert)
Produced By: Lev Burlak
17 Kola, BA, Hit From The LBC, Swoop G From The East Side
Produced By: Ant Banks
18 Kola Lady G
Produced By: Moe Z.M.D.
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