• I.F.A. | International Family Affair | 1997 | Stockton | CD Album

I.F.A. - International Family Affair

I.F.A. | International Family Affair | 1997 | Stockton | CD Album

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I.F.A. was a gangsta rap group with roots from Oakland, East Palo Alto and Stockton, California, made up of Derrick "D-Shoot" Shaw, Howard "G.F." Lee, Tobias "BIAS" Dixon and Mario "SOS" Covington. Their debut album, "International Family Affair" was released in 1997 by Rollin' Record Enterprses. All songs were produced by Derrick Shaw and Ivan Johnson.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Rollin' Record Enterprises

Produced By: Derrick Shaw & Ivan Johnson

Style: Gangsta, R&B

City: Stockton

State: California

Area Code: 209


1 I.F.A. Rollin
2 I.F.A. Throw Ya Hands Up
3 I.F.A. Gee's Get Lonely 2
4 I.F.A. Do U Wanna Ride
5 I.F.A. Bustas
6 I.F.A. I Like
7 I.F.A. Off Da Hook
8 I.F.A. You Need A "G"
9 I.F.A. Slide
10 I.F.A. Game Over Dosed
11 I.F.A. O.G. Funk
12 I.F.A. Family Affair
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