Hugh EMC - The Mob

Hugh EMC | The Mob | 1994 | San Francisco | Cassette Tape

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Hugh EMC (real name Hugh E. Gregory) is a hip-hop/rap pioneer from Fillmore, San Francisco, California. He released his debut solo tape The Mob in 1994 for Soul Sonic Records. The tape was produced by Hugh EMC and J-Mack.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1994

Record Label: Soul Sonic Records

Produced By: Hugh EMC

Co-Produced By: J-Mack

Style: Gangsta, Mobb

Hood: Fillmoe

City: San Francisco

State: California

Area Code: 415


A1 Prologue Choppin Up Game
A2 Hugh E.M.C. The Intro
A3 Hugh E.M.C. Kill Or Be Killed
A4 Hugh E.M.C. Hustlas Life
A5 Hugh E.M.C. Just Doint It
A6 Hugh E.M.C. Well Ask Somebody
A7 Hugh E.M.C. Da True Flow (Remix)
A8 Hugh E.M.C. Psycho
A9 Hugh E.M.C. Neva Let A B**** Be The Reason
A10 Hugh E.M.C. Poppin' Tha Sh**
B1 Interlude To The Ladies
B2 Hugh E.M.C. Give It Up Girl
B3 Hugh E.M.C. I Know Ya Hear Me
B4 Hugh E.M.C. The Game Is Real
B5 Hugh E.M.C. The Cipha Of Life
B6 Hugh E.M.C. A Message
B7 Hugh E.M.C. Tear It Off
B8 Hugh E.M.C. Thanks (T.M.M.F.S.)
B9 Epilogue Choppin Up Game
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