• Hollow Tip | Takin No Shortz | 1996 | Sacramento | CD Album

Hollow Tip - Takin No Shortz

Hollow Tip | Takin No Shortz | 1996 | Sacramento | CD Album

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Hollow Tip aka J-Macc is a gangsta rap artist from the Northside of Sacramento, California. His debut album, "Takin No Shortz" was released in 1996 by High Side Records and produced by N8 The Gr8 and Darkroom Productions. The artwork was designed by Phunky Phat Graph-X.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: High Side Records

Executive Producers: Valaire Akens, Damien Akens & Kenny Mickenes

Produced By: N8 The Gr8, Darkroom Productions

Style: Gangsta

City: Sacramento

State: California

Area Code: 916


1 Hollow Tip No More Brains
2 Hollow Tip Steady Flossin
3 Hollow Tip, Ballin Ass Dame My World
4 Hollow Tip Ridin
5 Hоllоw Tip, J-Mack, Ballin Ass Dame Everybody Knows
6 Hоllоw Tip, Lil Devious Locc Off The Dome Freestyle
7 Hоllоw Tip, J-Mack Hoo Ride Attack
8 Hоllоw Tip Takin No Shortz
9 Hоllоw Tip Warlocc (RIP)
10 Hоllоw Tip Outro

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