• Various | Gulf Coast Compilation: Pimpin' A Hustle | 1996 | Houston

Gulf Coast Compilation: Pimpin' A Hustle

Various | Gulf Coast Compilation: Pimpin' A Hustle | 1996 | Houston

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Gulf Coast Compilation: Pimpin' A Hustle is a compilation album presented by Inmate Records from Houston, Texas. The compilation was released in 1996 and features songs from 20-2-Life, U.N.L.V, Lil KeKe, Trinity Garden Cartel, Criminal Elament, PSK-13, Klondike Kat, Jam, J-Merrill, C-Loc, Coop MC, Pimp Stress, Big Mello, 2-Def, Born Twice, Slicc, Ghetto Twiins, Smooth Execution, and Ice Lord. The album artwork was designed by Phunky Phat Graph-X.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Inmate Records

Executive Producer: Derek Woods

Produced By: 20-2-Life, Born 2wice, Eddie Thomas, Inspiration Of A Playa, J-Merrill, Maestro, Mannie Fresh, Mike B., Mo' Dangerous, Precise, Tiger

Style: Gangsta

City: Houston

State: Texas

Area Code: 713


1 20-2-Life, Master P Whatever It Takes (Remix)
Produced By: Tiger
2 Lil' Keke, 20-2-Life, Ice Lord, PSK-13, Pimpstress On The Grind
Produced By: 20-2-Life
3 PSK-13, Klondike Kat No Tricks
Produced By: Eddie Thomas
4 20-2-Life Round & Round
Produced By: Eddie Thomas
5 Trinity Garden Cartel It's All About Survival
Produced By: Mike B.
6 Slicc, Ghetto Twiinz Exit Wrong
Produced By: Precise
7 Big Mello Stackin' Paper
Produced By: Mo' Dangerous
8 Smooth Execution, 20-2-Life, Klondike Kat 3 For 10
Produced By: Tiger
9 Coop MC Maximize Your Profits
Produced By: Inspiration Of A Playa
10 2-Def, PSK-13 Real Ni**as Don't...
Produced By: Eddie Thomas
11 J-Merrill Flip The Switch
Produced By: J-Merrill
12 Born 2wice Heaven 4 A G
Produced By: Born 2wice
13 U.N.L.V. Chill & Hussle
Produced By: Mannie Fresh
14 Criminal Elament Dazed & Confused
Produced By: Tiger
15 JAM, Pimp Stress Don't Need A Player
Produced By: Maestro
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