• Ghetto Mafia - Straight From The Dec

Ghetto Mafia - Straight From The Dec

Ghetto Mafia - Straight From The Dec

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Ghetto Mafia was a hip-hop/rap group from Decatur, Georgia, made up of rappers Nino and Wicked. Their third studio album, "Straight From The Dec" was released in 1996 by Down South Entertainment in association with Fully Loaded Records.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Down South Entertainment, Fully Loaded Records

Executive Producer: Derrick Handspike

Style: Gangsta

City: Decatur

State: Georgia

Area Code: 404


1 Ghetto Mafia In Da Point
2 Ghetto Mafia Fool I Got Ya
3 Ghetto Mafia, T.J. For The Good Times (Straight From The Dec)
4 Ghetto Mafia Don't Turn Back
5 Ghetto Mafia Uncut
6 Ghetto Mafia Who Wanna Test
7 Ghetto Mafia I Can Feel It
8 Ghetto Mafia Full Metal Jacket
9 Ghetto Mafia, Warrenentta Dobson F.A.B.
10 Ghetto Mafia Deal With The Devil
11 Ghetto Mafia Shouts
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