Gangsta D - N Control

Gangsta D - N Control

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Gangsta D is a hip-hop/rap artist from Fresno, California. His album, "N Control" was released in 1998 by N Da Zone Records and featured appearances by Killa Tay, Mo Jay of A.W.O.L. Records, F.B.C., Ce-Wacc, K.J., N Sane, Roach, and B.C.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1998

Record Label: N Da Zone Records

Executive Producer: C. Benjamin

Style: Gangsta

City: Fresno

State: California

Area Code: 559


1 Gangsta D Down 4 Me
Produced By: B.C. for Hitjam Prod.
2 Gangsta D Caught Up
Produced By: Big Jim for Rampage Recording
3 Gangsta D I Thought U Knew Me
Produced By: C.B. & Gangsta D. for 2 Headed Productions
4 Gangsta D Big Money
5 Gangsta D Control
Produced By: Ce-Wacc for Shoreline Prod.
6 Gangsta D, Killa Tay, K.J. Ghettohood
Produced By: Big Jim for Rampage Recordings
7 Gangsta D Ain't Nuttin Wrong
Produced By: B.C. for Hitjam Prod.
8 Gangsta D Apologize
9 Gangsta D I Ain't No Joke
Produced By: Big Jim for Rampage Recordings
10 Gangsta D No Haters
11 Gangsta D, Young Zay, Ce-Wacc California Lifestyle
Produced By: Royce for Royal Royce Recording
12 Gangsta D, Mo Jay Hustlin & Bublin
Produced By: Cam Prod.
13 Gangsta D, Roach Modern Day Cowboy
Produced By: Cam Productions
14 Gangsta D Sometimes I Wonder
Produced By: C.B. & Gangsta D for 2 Headed Prod.
15 Gangsta D, N Sane (The Female Gee), Young Zay True Game
Produced By: Jeff Dixon
16 Gangsta D Down & Dirty
Produced By: Cam Productions
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