• Face Forever | R.A.W. | 1995 | New Orleans | CD Album

Face Forever - R.A.W.

Face Forever | R.A.W. | 1995 | New Orleans | CD Album

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Face Forever was a hardcore gangsta rap duo from the 3rd Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana, made up of rappers J.S. and Red Money. Their debut EP titled, "R.A.W." was released in 1995 on the independent label Redrum Records. The album was produced by Mike Dogg.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Redrum Records

Produced By: Mike Dogg

Style: Gangsta, Hardcore

Hood: 3rd Ward

City: New Orleans

State: Louisiana

Area Code: 504


1 J.S., Red Money Amerikas Nightmare
2 J.S., Red Money Portrait Of A Killa
3 J.S., Red Money, Mike Dogg, T. Sneed Strapped (Street)
4 J.S., Red Money R.A.W. (Street)
5 J.S., Red Money On The Loose
6 J.S., Red Money, Big Boogie, Dolamite Never Take Me Alive
7 J.S., Red Money R.A.W. (Radio)
8 J.S., Red Money Strapped (Radio)

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