• Dubee Aka Sugawolf | 1996 | Vallejo | CD Album

Dubee Aka Sugawolf

Dubee Aka Sugawolf | 1996 | Vallejo | CD Album

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Dubee Aka Sugawolf (born Major Norton) is a hip-hop/rap artist from the Southside of Vallejo, California. His debut self-titled album was released in 1996 by Young Black Brotha Records in association with Atlantic Recording Corporation. The entire album is produced by Khayree and Ferg.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Young Black Brotha Records

Distributed By: Atlantic Recording Corporation

Produced By: Ferg, Khayree

Style: Gangsta

Hood: Crestside

City: Vallejo

State: California

Area Code: 707


1 Dubee Aka Sugawolf I'm Ah Hog
Produced By: Khayree
2 Dubee Aka Sugawolf The Word
Produced By: Khayree
3 Dubee Aka Sugawolf, Alf, Juggy Jugg, Shima Y.B.B. Bomb
Produced By: Khayree
4 Dubee Aka Sugawolf, Do Thangs Game U Feenin 4
Produced By: Khayree
5 Dubee Aka Sugawolf, Shaquennah Mackin Is My Duty
Produced By: Ferg
6 Mac Dre Game I'm Spittin
Produced By: Khayree
7 Dubee Aka Sugawolf, Do Thangs That's What We Do
Produced By: Khayree
8 Dubee Aka Sugawolf, Eboni Foster, Do Thangs My Thang
Produced By: Khayree
9 Dubее Akа Sugаwolf Unda Da Trees
Produced By: Khayree
10 Dubее Akа Sugаwolf, Do Thangs Off Da Heezy
Produced By: Ferg
11 Reek Daddy Reek Daddy
Produced By: Khayree
12 Dubее Akа Sugаwolf Pit Bull Vicious
Produced By: Khayree
13 Dubее Akа Sugаwolf, Mac Mall, Sleep Dank Dubee, Mall & Sleep
Produced By: Khayree
14 Dubее Akа Sugаwolf Hair Shop Hoes
Produced By: Ferg
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