Do Or Die - Falling In Love With The Game

Do Or Die | Falling In Love With The Game | 1995 | San Francisco | CD Album

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Do Or Die was a gangsta rap group from San Francisco, California, made up of Jedi Warrior, King Dre, Willie Hen, J-Loc and K.B. Slim. Their debut album, "Falling In Love With The Game" was released in 1995 by Bay Funk Productions in association with Talk That Shit Records.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Bay Funk Productions, Talk That Shit Records

Produced By: Ceddrick Jonnae for BAYfunk Productions

Style: Gangsta, Mobb

City: San Francisco

State: California

Area Code: 415


1 Jedi Warrior, King Dre, Willie Hen, J-Loc, K.B. Slim Powder Hard 05:25
2 J-Loc, K.B. Slim, Willie-Hen Comin Up Missin 03:13
3 Skit Agitate 00:28
4 King Dre, K.B. Slim Am I The Violent One 03:10
5 Koon Dog, DogFood Sickly 03:40
6 J-Loc, Willie-Hen, K.B. Slim, Nyoka, Eddie D H*'s Wanna Be 03:08
7 Jedi Warrior, King Dre, J-Wanz, Willie Hen Night Crawler 03:05
8 Skit Armed 00:11
9 K.B. Slim Trapped In A Mad World 03:45
10 Jedi Warrior, J-Wanz Henn Dog Night 03:35
Produced By: Herb Partlow, Carl Henderson
11 Intro Do Or Die Hi 00:31
12 K.B. Slim, J. Loc, Willie Hen, Nyoka, H.P., Jedi Warrior Frisco Playaz Thang 03:54
13 Skit Fascist Pig Cops 00:30
14 Jedi Warrior, J-Wanz, J-Loc Blackfist 03:43
Produced By: Herb Partlow
15 King Dre Confusion 03:56
16 Willie Hen How Sick It Is 05:37
17 Jedi Warrior, King Dre, Willie Hen, J-Loc, 210 Laying Down The Funk 04:36
18 King Dre, J-Loc, Jedi Warrior, K.B. Slim, Willie Hen, J-Wanz, Nyoka, 210 Falling In Love With The Game 06:09
19 Outro Do Or Die Goodbye 00:33
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