Darkside - Phunk Planet

Darkside - Phunk Planet

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Darkside was a gangsta rap group from Sacramento, California, made up of rappers Waynee Wayne and Dubl-M. Their second studio album, "Phunk Planet" was released in 1999 by Tic, Tic, Boom!! Entertainment.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1999

Record Label: Tic, Tic, Boom!! Entertainment

Executive Producer: Walter "Mr. Tic" Dawson

Style: Gangsta

City: Sacramento

State: California

Area Code: 916


1 Mr. Tic Mr. Tic's Intro
Produced By: DJ Quik
2 W. Wayne, Dubl-M, Tobias Heat Miser
Produced By: G-One
3 W. Wayne, Dubl-M, Derek "D.O.A." Allen Another Summer Day
Produced By: G-One
4 W. Wayne, Dubl-M, A.M.G. National D-Day
Produced By: G-One
5 W. Wayne, Dubl-M Phunk Planet
Produced By: Robert "Fonksta" Bacon, G-One
6 W. Wayne, Dubl-M, SugaFree, Playa Hamm Mr. Tic's Groove
Produced By: DJ Quik, G-One
7 SugaFree, Mr. Tic Interlude: Good Business
8 W. Wayne, Dubl-M, Ra Capone Run
Produced By: Waynee Wayne, Ra Capone, G-One
9 W. Wayne, Dubl-M, Playa Hamm Real Playas
Produced By: G-One, Robert "Fonksta" Bacon
10 W. Wayne, Dubl-M Nothin' To Lose
Produced By: Derek "D.O.A." Allen, G-One
11 W. Wayne, Dubl-M, Lucky Ride 2 This
Produced By: Derek "D.O.A." Allen
12 W. Wayne, Dubl-M, Rapheal Saadiq, Roger (from Touch) Come With Me
Produced By: Rapheal Saadiq
13 W. Wayne, Dubl-M, Tobias Pin & Pad
Produced By: G-One
14 W. Wayne, Miss Mocha Baby Talk
Produced By: Waynee Wayne, Derek "D.O.A." Allen
15 Mr. Tic Mr. Tic's Outro
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