• Under Da Influence - Abducted And Blowed

Under Da Influence - Abducted And Blowed

Under Da Influence - Abducted And Blowed

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Mob Under Da Influence was a hip-hop/rap group from Houston, Texas, made up of rappers D2 and Swami. Their debut studio album, "Abducted And Blowed" was released in 1995 by NewStyle Records.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: NewStyle Records

Executive Producer: Doug King, Marc Lerch

Produced By: Crazy 'C', Storm "Tha Funky Aztec", Dexter St. Jock, Doug King, SK1 Productions

Style: Gangsta

City: Houston

State: Texas

Area Code: 713


1Under Da InfluenceIntro
2Under Da InfluenceReturn Of The Blow Funk
3Under Da InfluenceStoned Out My Mind
4Under Da InfluenceRadio Station B.L.O.W.-1
5Under Da InfluenceNickle Bag And A Brew
6Under Da InfluenceFreak Of The Hood
7Under Da InfluencePimplestilskin (A Player's Fairetale)
8Under Da InfluenceSt. Mary's Institute
9Under Da InfluenceCappin' On Dead Man's
10Under Da InfluenceSquabin', Mobin', Robbin' (Pirates On The Cut)
11Under Da InfluenceU Stole My Joint
12Under Da InfluenceWhodoyabump
13Under Da InfluencePimplestilskin II
14Under Da InfluenceCosmic Moans
15Under Da InfluenceStoned Out (Remix)
16Under Da InfluenceOuter Space Outro
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