• Chilee Powdah | Way Too Real | 1996 | Richmond | CD Album

Chilee Powdah - Way Too Real

Chilee Powdah | Way Too Real | 1996 | Richmond | CD Album

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Chilee Powdah is a hip-hop / rap artist from Richmond, California. His debut album, "Way Too Real" was released in 1996 by Infinity Records and produced by D.J., Ken Franklin, and Parker. The album features appearances by Lil Ric, Mafiosos and C.I.N.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Infinity Records

Executive Producer: Joe "6 ' Fo" Hernandez

Produced By: D.J., Ken Franklin, Parker

Style: Gangsta, Mobb

City: Richmond

State: California

Area Code: 510


1 Chilee Powdah Sidewayz
Produced By: Ken Franklin
2 Chilee Powdah Nuthin' But Game
Produced By: Ken Franklin
3 Chilee Powdah Get Ya' Perk On
Produced By: Ken Franklin
4 Chilee Powdah Will You Be...
Produced By: Ken Franklin
5 Chilee Powdah, Lil Ric, Mafiosos Talez From The Rich
Produced By: D.J., Parker
6 Chilee Powdah Way Too Real
Produced By: Ken Franklin
7 Chilee Powdah, Young G. Dirty Ride
8 Chilее Pоwdah, Ammbush Rukus
Produced By: D.J., Parker
9 Chilее Pоwdah Pimp Game
Produced By: D.J., Parker
10 Chilее Pоwdah Can't Be Tied...
Produced By: Ken Franklin
11 Chilее Pоwdah, C.I.N., Shady 8, Young G. Skankez N Da Grazz
Produced By: D.J., Parker
12 Chilее Pоwdah, Young G. Same Page
Produced By: D.J.
13 Chilее Pоwdah Way Too Real (Radio)
Produced By: Ken Franklin
14 Chilее Pоwdah Freak Scenario
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