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Charlie Hanseen - My Enemies


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Charlie Hanseen is a hip-hop/rap artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. His debut studio album, "My Enemies" was released in 1997 by Untouchable Records.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Untouchable Records

Executive Producer: Al "Rock" Capone

Produced By: Charlie Hanseen, L.O.G., Mannie Fresh, Ozone, Al "Rock" Capone

Style: Gangsta, Bounce

City: New Orleans

State: Louisiana

Area Code: 504


1 Pimp Dogg Intro: Free Style
Produced By: Ozone
2 Charlie Hanseen Ready To Roll (Radio)
Produced By: Ozone
3 Charlie Hanseen Who Got The Most Killas?
Produced By: Ozone
4 Charlie Hanseen True Players (Radio)
Produced By: Mannie Fresh
5 DJ Mix-Master Kidnapper UTC: 98 FM
Produced By: Ozone
6 Charlie Hanseen Gettin' Involved
Produced By: Mannie Fresh
7 Charlie Hanseen Straight Dirty
Produced By: Charlie Hanseen, Ozone
8 Pimp Dogg, Quarter Key I Can't Focus
Produced By: L.O.G., Al "Rock" Capone
9 Charlie Hanseen, Quarter Key Handle Your Business
Produced By: Charlie Hanseen
10 Charlie Hanseen My Enemies (Radio)
Produced By: Charlie Hanseen, Ozone
11 Quarter Key Make Em' Snort To This (Radio)
Produced By: Ozone
12 No Artist Conversation In Hell (Commercial)
Produced By: Ozone
13 Charlie Hanseen Charlie Hanseen
Produced By: Ozone
14 211, Fila Phil Down In Tha Boot (Radio)
Produced By: Ozone
15 Charlie Hanseen, Quarter Key, Trifflin Get Ready (Radio)
Produced By: Ozone
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