• C-Loc | Concentration Camp | 1996 | Baton Rouge | CD Album

C-Loc - Concentration Camp

C-Loc | Concentration Camp | 1996 | Baton Rouge | CD Album

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C-Loc is a gangsta rap artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His compilation album, "Concentration Camp" was released in 1996 by C-Loc Records and featured G-Dog a.k.a. Gregory D, Full Pack, Young Bleed, Queen, Lee Tyme, Criminal Minded, Dolla, D Click, 2 XL, Fired, and Lay Low. Young Bleed's track "A Fool" is the original version of "How Ya Do Dat" released in 1997 by Master P for No Limit Records. The album artwork was designed by Pen & Pixel Graphics.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: C-Loc Records

Executive Producers: C-Loc & Big Pooh

Produced By: C-Loc, Full-Pack, "N" Happy Perez, Don B, Lee Tyme

Style: Gangsta

City: Baton Rouge

State: Louisiana

Area Code: 225


1 C-Loc Fair Exchange Ain't No Robbery
2 2 XL Doing What It Takes
3 Young Bleed A Fool
4 C-Loc Who Dat
5 G-Dog Ward Tyme Stories
6 Queen And I'm Knowing
7 Lee Tyme Life's A Bit**
8 Concentration Camp Upcoming Releases
9 C-Loc Mama Told Me
10 Full-Pack Where You From
11 Dolla Shreveport Blues
12 G-Dog Southern Roulette
13 D-Click Deadly Sins
14 Joker P & D.J. Chill Bloody Murder
15 Lay Lo Dare Devil
16 Fired, Leah Man Everyday Thang
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