C.I.N. - Richmond Roulette

C.I.N. | Richmond Roulette | 1996 | CD Album

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C.I.N. was a gangsta rap group from Richmond, California, made up of rappers B-Double-E, MCM and Cooley T. Their second album, "Richmond Roulette" was released in 1996 by No Face Records and produced by Steve Dee, C.I.N., Ken Franklin, Charles Mack, and Go Twice. The artwork was designed by Phunky Phat Graph-X.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: No Face Records

Executive Producer: Antoine Johnson

Produced By: Steve Dee, C.I.N., Ken Franklin, Charles Mack, Go Twice

Style: Gangsta, Mobb

City: Richmond

State: California

Area Code: 510


1 B-Double-E, MCM, Cooley T, Chucksta, Lil Big Jocin My Team
Produced By: G.O. Twice, C.I.N.
2 B-Double-E, Cooley T Blind Side
Produced By: Steve Dee, C.I.N.
3 B-Double-E, Cooley T, Shady 8 Inside A Morgue
Produced By: Steve Dee, C.I.N.
4 MCM So Much Dirt
Produced By: Ken Franklin, C.I.N.
5 B-Double-E, Cooley T P.H. Balance
Produced By: Steve Dee, C.I.N.
6 B-Double-E, MCM, Cooley T Chemical Green
Produced By: Charles Mack, C.I.N.
7 Cooley T Shitty Shoes
Produced By: Steve Dee, C.I.N.
8 B-Double-E, MCM Paranoia
Produced By: Steve Dee, C.I.N.
9 B-Double-E, MCM, Cooley T, Levitti City Streets
Produced By: Steve Dee, B-Double-E
10 B-Double-E Goin Bad
Produced By: Steve Dee, B-Double-E
11 B-Double-E, MCM, Cooley T, Shady 8, Lil Ric, Tha Grope 1, Young Lid, Mafiosos Richmond Roulette
Produced By: G.O. Twice
12 С.I.N. Shout Outs
Produced By: G.O. Twice
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