• Born 2wice | Portrait Of A $erial Player | 1996 | Houston | CD Album

Born 2wice - Portrait Of A $erial Player

Born 2wice | Portrait Of A $erial Player | 1996 | Houston | CD Album

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Born 2wice is a gangsta rap artist from Houston, Texas. His second album, "Portrait Of A $erial Player" was released in 1996 by Bigga Records. The album features appearances by Ice T, King T, Tim Dog, Kool Keith, $moke One Prod., and Smitt D (of Facemob). The artwork was designed by Pen & Pixel Graphics.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Bigga Records

Executive Producers: Born 2wice, Ice T, Ron Finberg & Joe Spiritti 

Produced By: Born 2wice, DJ Ace, G3, Paco C., Rhythm D, Smoke One Productions, TR Love

Style: Gangsta

City: Houston

State: Texas

Area Code: 713


1Born 2wicePimptroduction
Produced By: Bоrn 2wiсe
2Born 2wiceKillaTilIDie
Produced By: Bоrn 2wiсe
3Born 2wice, King TeeThe Jack
Produced By: DJ Ace
4Born 2wicePimpOlympics
Produced By: Bоrn 2wiсe
5Born 2wice, Rhythm D, Traci Nelson17 Queen
Produced By: Rhythm D
6Born 2wiceLady Indo
Produced By: DJ Ace
7Born 2wiceBabyMamaDrama
Produced By: Bоrn 2wiсe
8Born 2wice, NicoleIzTherAHeaven4AG
Produced By: Bоrn 2wiсe
9Воrn 2wiсеBigga/123
Produced By: DJ Ace
10Воrn 2wiсеGorilla$impin
Produced By: Bоrn 2wiсe
11Воrn 2wiсеInTownAClown
Produced By: Rhythm D
12Воrn 2wiсеKeepItPimpnBaby
Produced By: $moke One Prod.
13Воrn 2wiсеWet Intro
Produced By: Bоrn 2wiсe
14Воrn 2wiсеG $halaine / Tople$$ Therapy
Produced By: G3, Paco C.
15Воrn 2wiсе, Kool Keith, Tim DogOuttaTowNi**az
Produced By: TR Love
16Воrn 2wiсе, Ice-T6 InaMornin
Produced By: Bоrn 2wiсe
17Воrn 2wiсеGostaGetMyMurderOn
Produced By: Bоrn 2wiсe
18Воrn 2wiсе, Nancy FletcherP.P.O.V.
Produced By: Bоrn 2wiсe

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