• B.M.W. - Gangstas From The Underground

B.M.W. - Gangstas From The Underground

B.M.W. - Gangstas From The Underground

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B.M.W. (Brothas Most Wanted) was a gangsta rap group from the Montbello neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, made up of rappers Gangster Lite, JA Jaggit, RMD, and Sabotage. Their debut studio album, "Gangstas From The Underground" was released in 1992 by Heartless Records and produced by group members JA Jaggit and Sabotage.

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Released: 1992

Record Label: Heartless Records

Produced By: JA Jaggit, Sabotage

Style: Gangsta

City: Denver

State: Colorado

Area Code: 303


1 B.M.W. Prelude
2 B.M.W. Niggas In Hats & Hoods
3 B.M.W. KKK Theme
4 B.M.W. Kill The Five-O
5 B.M.W. Get Me Out Of Jail
6 B.M.W. 5 Minutes Of Pain
7 B.M.W. Ol' E Vs. Ides
8 B.M.W. Spitin' The Truth
9 B.M.W. Talkin Shit# Slept With The Enemy
10 B.M.W. Marked 4 Death
11 B.M.W. Duck Duck
12 B.M.W. Load The Nine
13 B.M.W. Freaks N' Hoes
14 B.M.W. Necks 'N Ropes
15 B.M.W. Between The Sheets
16 B.M.W. Treat 'Em Like A Hoe
17 B.M.W. Shout Out
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