• Assassin | Hitworks | 1996 | San Jose | CD Album

Assassin - Hitworks

Assassin | Hitworks | 1996 | San Jose | CD Album

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Assassin (born Craig Nitty) is a record producer and rap artist from San Jose, California. His compilation album, "Hitworks" was released in 1996 by Arrogant Records / Bonafyed Records and produced entirely by Assassin himself. The album features appearances by 2Pac, Shock G, Money B, Chunk, Slick Rick, Ryan D (of 51.50), Rated R (of Thuglife), Sh'Killa, Havikk (of South Central Cartel), Young Life, Gangsta D (of B.O.S.S.), Bloody Mary, Laylaw, Cisco and many others.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Arrogant Records, Bonafyed Records

Executive Producer: Riq Roq, Jo The Boss, LG

Produced By: Assassin

Style: Gangsta

City: San Jose

State: California

Area Code: 408


1 Mr. D Tha Enforcab, TAC, Assassin, Shock G Tha Intro / Lethal Assassin
Co-Produced By: Felton C. Pilate II
2 2Pac, Dee Tha Mad Bitch Real Bad Boyz (Westside)
Co-Produced By: Dobbs The Wino
3 Assassin, Mischief, Rick G Mass Murderin (Remix)
Co-Produced By: G-Rock
4 Assassin, Ryan D, Young Life Livin In Tha Hood
5 Ryan D, Ant Dog, No Face, Assassin, T-Bo, Rich G Illegally Insane (5150)
Co-Produced By: T-Bo
6 Money B, Ryan D, Assassin What People Do 4 A Skrilla
7 7 Treez Click Seven Eleven
8 Chunk, AK, Assassin Playa Hatin (Pics)
Co-Produced By: Chunk Daddy, T-Bo
9 Lay Law, Assassin Lawhouse Assassin
10 Havikk The Rhime Son, Chunk, Bloody Mary Strictly 4 Tha G'z
11 Аssassin Deep In Tha Game
12 Gangsta Reese, Rated R, Double Jep, Bloody Mary, Sh'killa, Buddah, Havikk The Rhime Son, Hot Dolla Hustlaz Reunion
13 Bloody Mary Nine Double M.M. (9mm)
Co-Produced By: KM-WR, T-Bo
14 Slick Rick & Аssassin Sittin With Some Funk
Produced By: Jazzy Jim, Russell Simmons
15 Cisco The Frisco Mack Financial Status (Money)
Produced By: Cisco The Frisco Mack
16 Ryan D, Ant Dog Lethal Assassins / Tha Outro
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