• Al Kapone | Da Resurrection | 1995 | Memphis | CD Album

Al Kapone - Da Resurrection

Al Kapone | Da Resurrection | 1995 | Memphis | CD Album

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"Da Resurrection" is the third album by the gangsta rapper Al Kapone from Memphis, Tennessee. The album was released in 1995 on Brutal Records and was executive produced by Al "Kapone" Bailey.

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Released: 1995

Record Label: Brutal Records

Distributed By: Priority Records

Produced By: Alkatraz Productions

Style: Gangsta

City: Memphis

State: Tennessee

Area Code: 901


1 Intro Da Resurrection 02:32
2 Al Kapone, Taylor Boy Once A Thug 05:02
3 Al Kapone, 1st Degree, C-9, Gangsta Pat, K.O. Cane Wayne, Kay-9, Young Lo No Remorse 04:40
4 Al Kapone Premeditated 03:30
5 Al Kapone, K.O. Cane Wayne Still Loc'in Up 03:48
6 Al Kapone, K.O. Cane Wayne, Taylor Boy Rollin Deep 05:07
7 Аl Kаpone Cold Hearted Killa 05:07
8 Аl Kаpone, 1st Degree Sinistaz 03:55
9 Аl Kаpone, 1st Degree, K.O. Cane Wayne Da Death Penalty 04:06
10 Аl Kаpone Vampin With No Remorse 01:37
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