• Ace Deuce | Comin' Up N' Da Ghetto | 1996 | Houston | CD Album

Ace Deuce - Comin' Up N' Da Ghetto

Ace Deuce | Comin' Up N' Da Ghetto | 1996 | Houston | CD Album

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Ace Deuce was a gangsta rap group from the Southside of Houston, Texas. Their debut album, "Comin' Up N' Da Ghetto" was released in 1996 by Ballers Entertainment in association with Priority Records. All songs were produced by Michael Banks, Sean Jemison and Jermain "Optimo" Chretien. The artwork was designed by Blackat Productions.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Ballers Entertainment

Distributed By: Priority Records

Executive Producer: Steven Caldwell, Eric Bowen, Scotty Loring

Produced By: Michael Banks, Sean Jemison, Jermain "Optimo" Chretien

Style: Gangsta

City: Houston

State: Texas

Area Code: 713


1 Ace Deuce New Jack 00:40
2 Ace Deuce Texas Intro 02:23
Produced By: Boom
3 Ace Deuce, Kidnappa A Hustlaz Ambitions 04:37
Produced By: Sean Jemison
4 Ace Deuce Peep Game 04:47
Produced By: Boom
5 Ace Deuce Swisher Sweetness 04:35
Produced By: Michael Banks, Sean Jemison
6 Ace Deuce Clutch City Ballin' 05:44
Produced By: Jermain "Optimo" Chretien, Sean Jemison
7 Ace Deuce R.S.F. 04:43
Produced By: Michael Banks
8 Acе Dеuce Trickery 04:40
9 Acе Dеuce Scarface Intro 00:21
10 Acе Dеuce, Guess, Nas-T, Triple Beam G.P. Nation 05:56
Produced By: Sean Jemison
11 Acе Dеuce Comin' Up 'N Da Ghetto 04:10
Produced By: Michael Banks
12 Acе Dеuce, K-Lo Penitentiary Chances 05:02
Produced By: Sean Jemison
13 Acе Dеuce Blood Suckaz 05:25
Produced By: Jermain "Optimo" Chretien
14 Acе Dеuce, Black Jack In Gloc We Trust II 04:39
15 Acе Dеuce Theze Dayz 03:39
16 Acе Dеuce Revelations 04:04
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