918 - Zaggin Gon Be Zaggin

918 | Zaggin Gon Be Zaggin | 1997 | Tulsa | CD Album

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918 was a gangsta rap group from Tulsa, Oklahoma, made up of rappers rappers C.T.S., E-Loc and DJ Terraffying. Their debut album, "Zaggin Gon Be Zaggin" was released in 1997 by Haunted House Records and featured B-Legit, Suga-T, and Levitti. All songs were produced by DJ Terrafying.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Haunted House Records

Produced By: DJ Terrafying

Co-Produced By: C.T.S., E-Loc, Leo Okeke

Style: Gangsta

City: Tulsa

State: Oklahoma

Area Code: 918


1 C.T.S., E-Loc Intro Da Beginning
2 C.T.S., E-Loc Baby Minded
3 C.T.S., E-Loc, Suga-T Northside Geez
4 C.T.S., E-Loc Ni**az Nervous
5 C.T.S., E-Loc, B-Legit Strap On
6 C.T.S., E-Loc Corrupted
7 C.T.S., E-Loc Nuttin In Da World
8 C.T.S., E-Loc Pay Style
9 C.T.S., E-Loc, Levitti Cost 2 Smoke
10 C.T.S., E-Loc Iz It Mines
11 C.T.S., E-Loc Mind On Blank
12 C.T.S., E-Loc Ni**az Gon Be Ni**az
13 C.T.S., E-Loc, Levitti Death Iz Callin
14 C.T.S., E-Loc Outro 918 Dedication
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